As spring slowly arrives here in Vermont and school "Spring Break" is underway, I am taking this time to put Heart Hand Land together.  Years in the making, I am excited and a bit nervous to get this project up and running.

The seed was planted in 2013, during a class with Appalachian Granny Herbalist, Marina Bokelman. Among her mesmerizing tales of Appalachia and plant wisdom was the mention of the phrase "Heart - Hand - Earth". I was giddy with the words, the inspiration and connection to the phrase was so heartfelt as it perfectly embodies the process of conscious creation - To feel in your heart, use your hands to create and share with the earth. Months passed and the need for a place to cohere my * eh hem * many career paths continued to grow. Then one day on a train came out "Heart Hand Land" while doodling on paper. I immediately knew that SOMEDAY I would create a space to combine my work, ideas and inspiration.